Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching has evolved out of my experiences as a student, practitioner, researcher, and instructor, as well as my awareness of the discourse around best practices at the postsecondary level, particularly those of culturally responsive teaching. I have also grown in my thinking from excellent teaching mentors and the study of adult learning … Continue reading Teaching Philosophy

Online Assignment Example

This assignment was for an asynchronous online introduction to human development course.  The course focused on the biological, psychological, and social changes that occur throughout the lifespan. The major objectives of this course were for students to address misconceptions about human development, learn to evaluate research-based evidence, and understand how the scientific method is applied … Continue reading Online Assignment Example

Sample Lecture: Media

This lecture on Media was part of a course on Adolescent Development. This course offered in-depth study of adolescence from psychological, biological, social, and cultural perspectives. We traced youth’s development from early adolescence into the period of emerging adulthood.  We examined their experience in important life contexts, such as family, peers, and school and how they … Continue reading Sample Lecture: Media

Comments From Students

These comments are from end of the course evaluations and student emails. Adolescent Development 405 For this course, I was an instructor and teaching assistant. It examined adolescents experience in important life contexts, such as family, peers, and school and how they negotiate the bio-psycho-social developmental tasks of this age period. What did Sarah do … Continue reading Comments From Students